Spelthorne Volleyball Club

Spelthorne Volleyball Club

Supporting volleyball for Men & Women of all abilities, ages, and from all over the world.

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Pack your suncream hat and shades Full details below

Please be there ideally 9am no later than 9.30. It will be busy at the venue nd take some time to park and find our basecamp.Please do not be late as games are immediately forfeited if teams are not on time.

Note we have no reserves. If you are late your team will forfeit and you will have spoiled everyone's day.

We have 4 teams

DIG for victory - Jarrett  Aubrey Ela Sophie  Henry Adrian

SET for Life - Katie. Marco, Tano, Salvo, Barry, Rita

Spikeopaths - Clive, Wayne, Tom, Nigel, Ertan, Elliott

BLOCKheads  - Chris T, Chris R, Hoss, Andy R, Daria, Mark S

Just heard Mark has had to drop out due to work commitments so we will fill in for that extra spot.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be early to help set up.

Please bring a crisp £5 note no coins please. Club is paying 50% so its a bargain.

Looking forward to a fab day



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